This is the MOST amazing app out there. This just rooted my HIGHLY impossible phone that I couldn't root for the life off me. If you have trouble as I did. They have REALLY smart people that are more than willing to help you. Please check them out if interested. :) Thank you so much again.
D.A. May 11, 2015
All i can say is WOW FANTASTIC SUPERB #1 one click root. Fast and VERY SAFE. Thank you so much!
Christopher Davis April 7, 2015
one click root is by far the best rooting program on the planet. 100% satisfaction guaranteed
Eric Vessel April 3, 2015
One Click Root was very helpful in rooting my phone, I was very spectacle about it due to the reason they needed team viewer access to my computer, however JJ (The operator who helped me) was very kind, and even joked around with my while we were getting the rooting done. I would give this business, and JJ especially a 5 star our of 5 stars rating. Thank's Again!
Tyler Sullivan June 17, 2015
Great Service here! Their software was not able to root my phone automaticaly but they took half an hour to do it manually through teamviewer. I recommend their product and a Big thank you for JJ for his help :)
Jeremy R. June 14, 2015
Best work I have see so far with remote Android service... Normally I root my own stuff but my phone required manual unlock and flash to root. Pain in the butt-tox... OCR had me up and running in less than 30min. This is as good as it gets... Awesome!
David Billings June 3, 2015
I have been trying to root my 2015 sch-s968c for a couple months now. Finally I broke down and paid to try oneclickroot.com. You guys are amazing. TY to JJ for great conversation and great service. He was very efficient. TY again guys it was well worth the money.
Sarah Marsh May 30, 2015
These guys rock w t-tops, its a pleasure to sit back and watch them take over.....as advertised!! two thumbs up WAY up!!
Jeff Tarpley April 4, 2015
JJ was a real wizard (I saw his PHD) and had my note 4 rooted in a few minutes, albeit not free, definitely worth the money if you don't want to go through the hassle of using a modloader that may or may not work
Nick Higham April 11, 2015
So fast and easy to use. I highly recommend One Click Root!
Chris McDonald April 13, 2015
AWESOME help from JJ!! Friendly and fun, even though I had some hardware issues (in no way caused by JJ) Awesome experience, 10/10
Scott Frith April 22, 2015
Well that was painless! Many thanks One Click Team
James Lees April 26, 2015
Amazing! They rooted my phone a while back and it still works like a dream. I highly recommend One Click Root for all your rooting needs. Many thanks.
Matthew Orwin April 26, 2015
Had my Motorola Xoom WiFi rooted last night thanks to OneClickRoot! "Camille" assisted me initially until I came to a "stand-still" during the initial set-up process. Afterwards, "Bogdan" remotely took it the rest of the way and seamlessly rooted my tablet in preparation for flashing a new ROM! Kudos to the ENTIRE OneClickRoot Team! Keep up the AWESOME work!!!
Pete Rodriguez May 2, 2015
I used Once Click Root to root my HTC One Max. JJ remote assisted me and installation was a breeze. Very professional and fast service. Highly Recommend!
Johnny N. May 25, 2015