A Guide to Rooting Samsung Galaxy S4


If you are ready to root your Samsung Galaxy S4, you are in luck! Rooting your Android device has never been safer, faster or easier!

Follow the 4 easy steps below and that’s it.

Four Easy Steps to Root Your Samsung Galaxy S4

Download the Rooting Software

Download One Click Root and install on your computer

Enable USB Debugging

Enable USB debugging mode on your Android device.

Connect to Computer

Connect your Android device to your computer via standard USB cable

Run One Click Root

Run the One Click Root software , and it will take care of the rest!

Faster Performance

Preserve Battery Life

WiFi Tethering

Access Blocked Features

Install Custom ROMs

Access More Apps

Rooting Your Samsung Galaxy S4

Rooting Your Samsung Galaxy S4 with One Click Root

Many Android users think rooting is risky and time consuming.  They believe you may brick your phone, rendering your device useless, and that it takes up your entire day. With One Click Root, rooting is NOT a scary process. It does not take an entire day of your life.

One Click Root enables you to root your Samsung Galaxy S4 in about 5 minutes. Just a few minutes. The software will run professionally-coded scripts on your Galaxy S4 device in order to SAFELY and QUICKLY grant root access.

The software has been meticulously tested to work with all popular versions of the Galaxy S4.
But even if you have an unusual model of the Galaxy S4 – there’s no need to panic. One Click Root will never run on an unauthorized device. The One Click Root software scans for rootability/compatibility BEFORE running the rooting process, so you will NEVER BRICK your device. It will never run the rooting process without confirming if it can safely root beforehand.

You do not need to know a thing about rooting your device other than the fact that you want to root it, and you will be able to root your Galaxy S4 in under 5 minutes using the One Click Root famous 4 step process:

Step 1) Download and install One Click Root onto your computer
Step 2) Enable USB debugging on the Samsung Galaxy S4
Step 3) Connect your GS5 to your computer with your USB cord
Step 4) Run the software by clicking “Root”, then wait a few minutes for your phone to cycle through the process

Click “Root”, and you don’t have to do anything else. Just wait for your phone to arrive back at it’s main home screen, which will look exactly the same as it did before.

Though it may look the same, it’s a brand new phone: You now have root access to one of the most powerful Android devices ever madewith your core files unlocked.

Are you ready to take advantage of this opportunity and root your Samsung Galaxy S4?




Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was the hit follow-up to the famous Samsung Galaxy S3. The Galaxy S3 was the first legitimate Android to compete with the iPhone. With the Galaxy S4, Samsung aimed to build upon that reputation.

Samsung succeeded in  building on the Galaxy S3’s reputation. The Samsung Galaxy S4 features a beautiful super AMOLED touchscreen with 1080×1920 screen resolution and 441 ppi pixel density.
In order to put this into perspective, the iPhone 6 only has a resolution of 750×1334 with 326 ppi, and the iPhone 6 was released one and a half years after the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Indeed users do enjoy the full HD touchscreen on the Samsung Galaxy S4, and it’s great performance, sporting a 1.6GHz quad core processor on some models and a 1.2GHz Cortex A7 on others.

In addition, it also has a great camera, 2GB of RAM, and a large 2600mAh battery. All of these features helped make the Galaxy S4 one of Samsung’s all time best-selling phones.

Unfortunately, though, it is not March 2013 anymore, and the Galaxy S4 doesn’t have quite the same performance capabilities that it once used to have. Many users are seeing declining battery life, and some are sick of TouchWiz, which is starting to feel clunkier with every update.

Fortunately, there is a solution to all of these problems: root your device.

And it has never been safer or easier.



What To Do After Rooting Samsung Galaxy S4?

After rooting you Samsung Galaxy S4 with One Click Root, what’s next? Well, you now have an entirely new world ahead of you. Here is a small list of some of the best things you are now able to do.

-Install new apps from the Google Play Store. The Play Store might block you from installing certain apps by default, but really these apps will run perfectly fine on your device. The app’s developer, your carrier, or your country may just be blocking access to that app. With your Galaxy S4 rooted, you can side load an app and easily install APK files or trick the Play Store into thinking your Android device is a different model than the one you actually own.

-Other people want to change the annoying Samsung TouchWiz interface. TouchWiz feels slow and it doesn’t look all that great. With your newly rooted Galaxy S4, you can now easily install a new custom ROM that lets you change everything from your resolution to your buttons. It’s like having a brand new phone.

-Battery life is a major concern for most Samsung Galaxy S4 users. Well, with your rooted Galaxy S4, you can now install battery saving apps such as Greenify or Juice Defender which can add 2-3 hours of life onto your average daily battery life.

A entirely new world of Android rooting is waiting for you. Your Samsung Galaxy S4 was beginning to feel old anyway, so give it a cheap and 100% safe upgrade.


Why Root Samsung Galaxy S4

Lots of Samsung Galaxy S4 users choose to root their phones. Why? Well, rooting comes with a number of valuable advantages, including:

Access to thousands of new apps
The ability to install custom ROMs and user interfaces
WiFi and Bluetooth tethering
Instant updates to the latest version of Android
Access to more blocked Android features
Better recovery solutions and backup solutions
Faster performance
Uninstall ‘crapware’ apps installed by your manufacturer
For all of these reasons, rooting a Samsung Galaxy S4 can significantly change the way you use your smartphone. Rooting gives you access to the deepest levels of the Android operating system. From there, you’re free to use your phone exactly how you want to use it: with no restrictions. Rooting effectively lets you become the administrator of your Android device.

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