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Why Root?

Here are some quick reasons why you need to root now

Speed Up Performance

Remove unnecessary bloatware to free up RAM
and space on your device’s CPU

Free WIFI Tethering

Why pay up to $50 a month to your carrier
for Wi-Fi tethering? You have access to tethering
when you root your device.

Custom ROMs

Gain access to the latest versions of android before the rest of the public
and install custom ROMs

Access to Blocked Features

Get access to features like, NFC mobile payments, slow motion video, and PhotoSphere before their release.

Access to More Apps

Access thousands of Apps usually restricted by your carrier

Extend Battery Life

Extend battery life by hours with battery-preserving apps like Greenify

Check Root Availability

Use the one click root online tool to confirm that your device can be rooted with One Click Root.

Popular Rooted Devices

Root these devices and many more!

Safe, Easy, Supported 24/7 and Guaranteed :

We support a wider range android devices, are far more user friendly, and have more fail-safes than any other available rooting software. We are also the only software with 24/7 support to help you with any issues, questions, or concerns that you may have.

Thanks to Madhav who have rooted my phone and added a plus becuz i was lost in the next steps, Thank you a lot!!! Joyeux Noël to the team smile emoticon
Sophia Alexandrovna Satisfied Customer
"I just had a wonderful experience with you guys! Junaid (hope I spelled that right!) was so friendly and helpful and got me root access in no time flat! very easy, no hassle and so worth the small fee to be able to do so much with the phone that I was not capable of doing before! I am so very happy I found this!"
Lilia Li Satisfied Customer
"JUNAID from OneClickRoot just rooted the hell out of my phone!!! Thank you!!! Samsung Galaxy S5!!"
Robert Shumway Satisfied Customer